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In the mid-1970s. in a small town in Washington called Deer Park. Sharon Kelley, the “Queen Bee” of Better than Brittle, got the recipe from a friend while living in Deer Park and started making her delightful, peanut buttery peanut brittle for friends and family during the holiday season and it immediately became the family favorite.
My mom and dad always dreamed of getting it into the mainstream market because it was a very unique and delightful candy but had no idea where to start. People always told her that although they liked peanut brittle, it was too hard on their teeth, so her “soft, delicate, flakey peanut brittle” soon became a huge hit. 
In 1985, in the Sacramento area, where my mom continued to make the family’s favorite “Soft Peanut Brittle” candy. It was still a holiday favorite and word started spreading fast, orders started coming in from family and friends to buy for the holidays as gifts. In 1991, my mom decided to enter her candy into the California State Fair in Sacramento, where she won First Place and received a blue ribbon. We continued to make and sell during the holidays. 
For almost 50 years we have been making our homemade Soft Peanut Brittle and today our family-owned candy company is growing fast but the ingredients and process of making our homemade style soft peanut brittle are still the same.


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